Sometime in October there was a party at Iguana studios, located above the old Stud night club (now the Holy Cow) on Folsom between 11th and 12th. At the time this was an area of leather bars so at nite here were alot of men in chaps wandering the neighborhood. Iguana Studios was where most of the bands rehearsed and parties there were a regular occurence. Equipment would be setup and alot of jamming and various shenanigans  would take place. On this night Jimmy Wilsey and Danny Furious from the Avengers were playing guitar and drums and Craig was playing bass. Singing was a friend of Craig’s girlfriend Debi Sou, a beanpole named Rozz from Portland.

We were doing a version of Iggy’s  “Funtime” and Rozz preceded to jump overamps and bounce off the walls. By the time the song ended Rozz had a broken wrist.

Craig            Photo F Segmuller

Flying Rozz with spectators                                                 Photo R Gray

Will             Photo F Segmuller

NEGATIVE TREND ONE LtoR Craig, Todd, Rozz and Will Photo J Stark

ROZZ: Negative Trend was not a good band – Will couldn’t play his bass. Sometimes in the middle of a set Craig Gray would have to show him which string to play. Negative Trend material on the Miners’ Benefit CD was really bad – there was no good music, where as the Dils and Avengers could really play.                         SRL Interview

Bill Graham: The day before the Sex Pistols ... a group called Negative Trend spray painted their name on ... Winterland. Negative Trend .

Negative Trend. There was nothing I could do about it...

I was in the box office when a guy came in and said, “ The manager of the Sex Pistols is here... he said ‘ Tell the Yank we got this band and if they can’t play before the Pistols we won’t play.’” The name of the band was Negative Trend,  the neuvo local revolutionary band.... more


Miners Benefit CD released Sept 2003. Recorded on March 20-21 1978 at the Mabuhay during a benefit for striking Kentucky coal miners. This is the only recording of this version of Negative Trend.

Intro/People Are Sick/NWLF/Polyvinyl Lover/Intensive Care/Psychotherpy Please/Dream Date/Crimes Of Passion/You're In Love With Imagery/Death In A Cadillac/Groovy Terrorist/December 14th/Welcome To My City



- 12/14/77 San Francisco, CA -Mabuhay Gardens w/UXA, Avengers

- 12/30/77 San Francisco, CA -Mabuhay Gardens w/Readymades, Avengers


- 01/03/78 San Francisco, CA -Mabuhay Gardens w/Suicide, Nick Gilder

- 01/14/78 San Francisco, CA -Winterland Arena w/Sex Pistols, Nuns, Avengers

  NOTE: This was the Sex Pistols last show, Negative Trend did not play. It's a myth. The band was at the show, but did not perform.

- 01/17/78 San Francisco, CA -Mabuhay Gardens w/Novak, Nuclear Valdez

- 01/23/78 San Francisco, CA -Mabuhay Gardens w/the Enemy

- 01/29/78 San Francisco, CA -Mabuhay Gardens w/Dils, Avengers, Fast

- 02/24/78 San Francisco, CA- Mabuhay Gardens w/ The Nuns

- 02/27/78 San Francisco, CA -Mabuhay Gardens w/ The Statics

- 02/28/78 San Francisco, CA -Mabuhay Gardens w/Mutants, UXA

- 03/08/78 San Francisco, CA -Mabuhay Gardens w/Psychotic Pineapple, SST

- 03/15/78 San Francisco, CA -Mabuhay Gardens w/ The Sleepers, SST, Ointment

- 03/17/78 Seattle, WA -The Bird w/The Invaders and The Cheaters

- 03/18/78 Seattle, WA -The Bird w/The Invaders and The Cheaters

- 03/21/78 San Francisco, CA -Mabuhay Gardens w/Sleepers, Liars, Nuns, Seizure, SST, Tuxedo Moon (Benefit show for Striking Miners)

- 03/23/78 San Francisco, CA - Mabuhay Gardens w/Mutants, Sleepers