In March of ’78 Rozz quit the band so Will and I decided to get a new drummer as well , Todd hadn’t showed up for a couple of gigs. We played a show at the Mab where we had 3 or 4 fill in singers and as many drummers. Ricky Williams was one of both.We found Steve Depace through an ad at Aquarius Records when it was on Castro. We then held auditions for singers at Iguana Studios on Folsom. A very young Bruce Loose tried out but we chose Mikal Waters for whatever reasons. It worked.

Mikal and Will Vancouver Photo D Denton

Negative Trend Two Craig, Steve. Mikal and Will

Craig, Mikal and Will Vancouver Photo D Denton

Craig at the Mab  Photo J Neo

Video of Black and Red by Target Video

Mikal at the Mab         Photo J Neo


The first Negative Trend studio recording was made by this lineup. It was recorded and mixed in 2 days in June 1978 around my 20th birthday. It has been released 4 times.

NEGATIVE TREND 7” vinyl ep released Sept 1978 by Heavy Manners. Out of Print.  Nov 29 2013 by Superior Viaduct Records

                                     Side 1 Mecenaries/Meathouse   Side 2 Black and Red/How Ya Feelin

NEGATIVE TREND 12” vinyl ep released Dec 1983 by Subterranean Out of Print.

NEGATIVE TREND  CD released April 2006 by 2-13-61 . Out of Print.

How Ya Feelin        (Waters/Gray)

This is the cover for the 7” and was used for the 2005 CD as well. The original cover was folded over costruction paper stapled together with a white inner sleeve and a xerox insert.

Meathouse                (Shatter/Gray)

Front Cover of the Subterranean 12” rerelease. It was taken from an earlier NT One flyer done by Will.

Mercenaries           (Shatter/Gray)

Back cover of  Subterranean 12” uses the insert and part of a poster from a 1977 gig.



- 06/01/78 San Francisco, CA -330 Grove Sreet w/Dils, Freeze, Sleepers, Tuxedo Moon

- 06/11/78 San Francisco, CA - Mabuhay Gardens w/UXA, The Cramps

- 06/23-24/78 Los Angeles - The Whiskey w/ The Offs, Sleepers, Nuns

- 07/19/78 San Francisco, CA -Mabuhay Gardens w/Dead Kennedys (first show!), DV8, The Offs

- 07/21/78 San Francisco, CA -Mabuhay Gardens w/Dils, Avengers

- 07/29/78 Cotati, CA - El Rio Theater

- 08/10/78 CA, Longbranch  

- 08/12/78 San Francisco, CA -Music Hall w/Rad Command, The Offs

- 08/22/78 San Francisco, CA -Mabuhay Gardens w/Avengers, Yoel, Flesh Eaters

- 08/25/78 Los Angeles, CA - Club Azteca w/Dils, Middle Class, Weirdos

- 08/26/78 Los Angeles, CA -Wilshire Fine Art studio w/Dils, Flesheaters, Flyboys

- 08/28/78 San Francisco, CA -Mabuhay Gardens w/Crime, (Dils?), JJ180

- 08/31/78 Portland, OR -Reed College w/The Dils

- 09/01/78 Seattle, WA -The Bird w/The Dils, Cheaters

- 09/02/78 Seattle, WA -The Bird w/The Dils, Refuzors

- 09/05-06/78 Vancouver BC, Canada

- 09/08/78 San Francisco, CA - Mabuhay Gardens w/Weirdos, Yoel, Crispy Baby

- 09/12/78 San Francisco, CA - Mabuhay Gardens w/Dils, Middle Class